Jelena Juresa (born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia) is a visual artist working primarily with photography, film/video, video installation and text. Her visual research is mainly on identity, politics of memory and oblivion and representational limits of photographic image: the focus of her work is the portrait through which she explores the relationship between the observer and the observed via the given possibility of understanding the portrayed subject and the problematised issue of what the “image” does or does not convey.

Currently she is a PhD researcher at Ghent University, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Research centre S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts & Media) and KASK Conservatorium.

She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, France and the United States. During her artistic residential stays in Paris in 2004 and 2005, she created the works from the Tourists series. In her latest works, in which she addresses the issue of gender, that is, cultural identity, the narrative is in the foreground and is united with the image in the form of a textual or auditorial narration or music (What it feels like for a girl, 2005 – 2009; Mozarts, 2009; Notes on PMS, 2012; Mira: Study for a Portrait, 2010 – 2014; STILL, 2013).

“It is possible that the following idea lies at the heart of her artistic creed: while exploring the lost and regained identity of the Other, we are searching for and testing our own” [1].

Contact: juresa.jelena(at)gmail(dot)com

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