Video: color/sound, 19', loop

MOZARTS, 2008-2009, video still


“[...] In her latest reflections, through the form of video portraits produced by a combination of narrative, music and image, Jelena Juresa is interested in the issue of cultural identity. The videos present subjects, young, academically educated polyglots, coming from Eastern Europe, dressed up as “Mozarts”, selling concert tickets in the streets of Vienna. But instead of a consideration of their predetermined and fixed identities, the issue here is a complex juxtaposition of different signifiers (de)constructing these identities: costumed bodies in constant motion in public space, their biographies and favourite songs sung by an authentic “inner” voice. [...]”

(excerpt from the text, Maja Ciric, JELENA JURESA - Transfer of (inner and outer) borders, Mozarts, exhibition catalogue, Gallery Zvono, Belgrade, 2010)

Direction and editing: Jelena Juresa in collaboration with Dejan Solajic
Music: Aleksandra Bercek, Milena Stanojevic, Sonja Gobec,
Jovan Matic, Vojislav Malesev
Final Sound Editing: Ilja Popovic