Video installation, color/sound

Chapter I

The song “To you, dear mother, my thoughts do fly“ was recorded for the first time in 1977, at a time when Europe was packed with Yugoslav workers temporarily employed abroad. It was written by the then famous Sarajevo journalist and humorist Nikola Skrba. His radio serials remain the most popular drama pieces in the history of Bosnia. He died in 1995 in occupied Sarajevo, of starvation.

Two twin skyscrapers, at the entrance to the old part of the city, the citizens of Sarajevo called Momo and Uzeir. They were named after two friends and comedy characters from the popular radio drama created by Skrba. These names signified the different national identities, which would become a key difference in the war that loomed. Their names would survive this war, even though none of the people know which skyscraper is named after Moma, and which after Uzeir.

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