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Jelena Jureša

A book published by
ARGOS centre for audiovisual arts
MER. Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
Aphasia book by the artist Jelena Juresa

APHASIA book is published on the occasion of a film installation and solo exhibition by artist Jelena Jureša at ARGOS, centre for visual arts in 2019. With texts by Berber Bevernage and Eline Mestdagh, Barbara Matejčić, Branka Benčić, Jelena Jureša, Asa Mendelsohn, Rolf Quaghebeur.

Aphasia book Jelena Juresa
Aphasia book by Jelena Juresa

Berber Bevernage & Eline Mestdagh, Barbara Matejćić, Asa Mendelsohn, Branka Benčić, Rolf Quaghebeur and Jelena Jureša
Andrea Cinel, Jelena Jureša, Dušica Dražić
240 pages / 34 x 25 cm
Language: EN
Design: Out of Sight
Available through:
MER. Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
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